On-Site Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs warmth and color complete a room's look.  Depending on the layout and furniture of your room, your rugs may get exposed to foot traffic.  Vacuuming alone will not remove all the dirt that is trapped in the fibers.  The Real Steamer can clean your area rugs safely right in your home.   

Our trained technicians are experts in area rug cleaning.  We determine the best-suited cleaning method based on your area rugs particular weave, fiber, and dyes.


We offer Spot Gaurd fabric protection to make your arearugs stay cleaner longer.   We also have a pet enzyme treatment to get rid of foul smells caused by orgainc matter.  


Step 1:  Scheduling and  Estimate 

You can get an  estimate for an Upholstery cleaning by clicking here, Facebook Messenger, or give us a call at (413) 362-3157.   

Step 2:  Arrival and Pre-Inspection
Before we arrive we give you a call or text message to let you know we are on our way.  Once we arrive a technician visually inspects your area rug and identify any areas that might be a concern.  The technician will set and the expectations for the results.   

Step 3:  Vacuuming
Before the rugs are steam cleaned they are vacumed to remove all the dry dirt and debries.   


Step 4:  Area Rug Shampoo

 Area Rug shampoo is sprayed on the fabric to help break down and clean all the dirt, dust and allergins.  Our area rug  shampoo is non-toxic for humans, pets, and aquatic life.  It also is not harsh and has a neutral ph to ensure that your area rug is not damaged.  If you have allergies we have a hypoallergenic treatment.  


Step 5:  Extraction
Extaction is done with a  Sapphire steam cleaning wand or a Rotovac powerwand.  We can perform the steam cleaning in your home so you do not need to send our your area rugs to get them cleaned.  

Step 6:  Deodorize (Optional)
After the cleaning is competed we apply Freah and Clean deodorizer.  Freah and Clean is a premium deodorizer that smells similar to a dryer sheet.  There is never a extra charge for deodorizer with your area rug cleaning.  

Step 7:  SpotGard Fabric Protection (Optional) 

SpotGard beads up on the area and creates a surface tension.  This helps reduce soiling and makes your area rug stay cleaner longer.  

Step 8:  Final Inspection

When the area rug cleaning is completed the technician will inspec the area rug with you and make sure you are completely thrilled with our service.  Payment can be made to our technician with either a credit/debit card, check, or cash.  

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What Our Customers Say:

They did an amazing job on my carpet and kitchen floor!! The price is the best around very friendly, fast service.

Angelina Smith


The Real Steamer's professionalism, politeness, niceness, and ability to get stains out is astonishing. I would give infinity/ 5 if I could. They are also on time, and cost less than I was expecting.

Claire Jin

Real Steamer did an awesome job on my carpets. They were professional and curious. I highly recommend them.

Kathleen Lucier