Tile Cleaning & Grout Restoration

Professional Tile Cleaning Service

Having your tile cleaned is recommended to be done once every year.  Over time, tile and grout lose their radiance and shine.  Scrubbing with a mop won’t be enough to get the surface deep cleaned.  Embedded dirt that gets into the porous surface of the grout making your floors harder and harder to keep clean with mopping.  


Tile and grout cleaning done by hand is downright hard work.  Our tile cleaning cleanser, hot water, and equipment penetrate your tiles surface.  This gives you a deeper cleaning than mopping alone.   The Real Steamer's technicians have the tools and training to give your tile and grout the deepest cleaning possible.  


Step 1: Inspection

Our technician will perform a walkthrough inspection of your tile floors.  We will take notes of any challenging areas, come up with solutions and set the expectations of the results.  

Step 2: Dry Soil Removal

Our technician will thoroughly sweep and vacuum the entire area, maximizing the results we obtain. As in any cleaning process, dry soil removal is the important. 

Step 3: Pre-Spray

We pre-spray with the highest quality tile cleaning products over the entire surface of the floors.  The tile cleaning solution we use is oxygen based and creates a color safe bleach to brighten up your tile and grout lines. 


Step 4: Agitation

We scrub by hand any edges and challenging areas that our tile cleaning machine cannot reach.


Step 5:  Extraction and Rinsing
The entire floor is then cleaned using a self contained pressure tile cleaning spinner.  This spinner combines agitation, chemistry, and heat to give us superior results.  It sucks up all the cleansers and rinces the floor with a combination of pressure and heat.  


Step 6: Sealing Options

Depending on what kind of tile or grout your floors have they will need to be sealed.  The Real Steamer has 3 kinds of tile and grout sealing services.  Natural Stone Sealing, Clear Seal and Heavy-Duty Color Seal.  

Step 7:  Post-inspection

Our technicians do a final walkthrough with the homeowner making sure you are a satisfied customer.  Payments for the tile cleaning service can be made through credit/debit card, check, or cash.

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Heavy-Duty Color Seal & Grout Repair

Heavy-Duty Color Seal provides a water-tight, stain proof layer of protection that lasts over ten years!  It also eliminates color variations in grout due to stains, fading and damage that can happen over time.   


You can choose a similar, lighter or darker color for your grout.  We can even provide you with a custom color if you want.  Heavy Duty Color Seal can also be used to restore sanded grout in shower walls and countertops as well as floors.

If you have sanded grout that is missing, cracked or damaged we can repair it.  With our process we can fix the grout and color it on the same day.  

Natural Stone Tile Cleaning and Sealing

Natural Stone tile, unlike ceremic, has a pours surface and needs to be cleaned and sealed every year.  This is nessesary to protect from dirt building up leading to permeanat staining.  

For natural stone tile sealing we use 3 coats of an acrylic based floor finish.  The shine our floor finish leaves behind is amazing.  We can perform a free in home estimate and demonstration for you.  This way you can see how the finish makes the natural stone tiles look.   


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What Our Customers Say:

They did a great job cleaning not only my carpets in my home but they also cleaned the ceramic tile in the house as well, looks so beautiful! Thank you. I highly recommend them.

Thomas Weeks

Very happy with the quality of work. They called me as the van had become available early and they wanted to know if I was available or to wait for the original appointment. This was super convenient for me so I agreed. It's a second-floor apartment carpet cleaned and the guys knew how to set up through the window and the job took less than an hour. Roxie and Nick were super courteous and friendly. Happy and will use this company again.

Crystal Bray

Great job! Got the carpets done quickly and they came out looking amazing. Nice and friendly gentlemen and the price was reasonable. Highly recommend! 

Kiara Bosworth

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