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Step 1:  Estimate and Scheduling

You can get an online upholstery cleaning estimate by clicking here, Facebook Messenger, or give us a call at (413) 362-3157.  We can send a text message or give you a phone call when we are on our way.  

Step 2:  Arrival and Pre-Inspection
Our technician visually inspects your upholstery and address any areas off concerns such as if stains.  Stains will be inwill be permaninat. will walk through your home with you to visually inspect the carpets.  The technician will identify permanent stains and set the expectation for the results.   

Step 3:  Pry-vacuum
Underneath cusions or any areas where there is dry debries on the upholstery or furniture is vacuumed.  


Step 4:  Uphostery Shampoo

Upholstery shampoo is sprayed on the fabric to break down the dirt, dust and allergins.  Our shampoo is non-toxic for humans, pets, and aquatic life.  We have hypoallergenic furniture upholserty cleaning services for those with allergies.  


Step 5:  Extraction
Extaction is done with a  Sapphire dry uphosery tool.  This allows for quicker dry times for your fabrics around 6 hours instead of 24.  


Step 6:  Deodorize
We apply a baking soda based deodorizer called Fresh & Clean to make your fabrics smell great.

Step 7:  (Optional)  SpotGard Fabric Protection

spayed on the surface of the carpet.  SpotGard beads up and causes surface tension that reduces soiling and makes your carpets stay cleaner longer.  

Step 8:  Final Inspection

After the carpet cleaning service is completed the technician will walk through your home with you to point out the cleaning results to make sure that you are completely thrilled with our carpet cleaning service.  After the walkthrough, you can pay with either a credit/debit card, check, or cash.  

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RV Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

Automobile, Boat and RV Upholstery Cleaning

The Real Steamer built our reputation on furniture and floor cleaning, and we also apply our knowledge to recreational vehicles, boats, and automobile upholstery cleaning.  


When it comes to RV's and boats we are your one-stop-shop.  Our experts know how to treat sun and water-resistant fabrics.  If your RV's flooring has a mold or mildew smell we have the right chemicals to get it done right.  

Upholstery Fabric Protection

Spot Guard Fabric Protection

After the uphostery has been cleaned we recommend Spot Gaurd fabric protection.  Spot Gard prevents spots from becoming stains by creating a protective beading layer on the surface.  Protect your investment and make your furniture and upholstery last longer.  

Matress and Drape Cleaning

The Real Steamer is the master of mattress cleaning.  We use a steam cleaning wand with 200 degrees of heat.  We flush out the dusts and alergens as well as organic matters that fester in the mattress.  


Drapes are dust collectors and they must get cleaned periodically.  We dry dry clean your drapes right on the windows without removing them.  The dry cleaning solvent is safe for delicate fabrics and helps remove cigarette smoke odors.  


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What Our Customers Say:

I highly recommend The Real Steamer for all of your carpet cleaning needs! Cara scheduled me in quickly and did an amazing job!

Raya Simmons


I really appreciated their communication, professionalism, and punctuality throughout the project. Their bids were competitive and included details about what they would be doing to clean our corridor and common area carpets. The carpets looked great when they finished. Would highly recommend! 




Excellent service! Had 2 carpets cleaned as well as the stairs.  These guys did an excellent job, carpets look and smell great. I am extremely happy with the results. I will highly recommend this company, and I will be using them again.

Arron K